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Get Started with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Not so long ago we lived in a world where a server was in every office and we had little or no concept of mobile networking. The client / server era was like the days of the industrial revolution, where employees would come through the factory gates in the morning and leave with the sound of a whistle at the end of the day. As technology evolved and the age of mobility began, administrators managed mobile devices with tools like group policy and System Centre Configuration Manager. But now times have evolved and mobility is the new norm. If you have a subscription to Microsoft 365 you'll already perhaps be using Mobile Device Management or MDM. This allows you to manage iOS & Android devices free, however if you have a an E5 or EM&S (Enterprise Mobility & Security) subscription you can also manage both PC and Mac devices as well.

Formerly know as Intune, Microsoft Endpoint Manager has evolved into a vast suite of mobile deployment and management tools that allow you to deploy and manage mobile devices in your organisation. More than that the toolset allows you to deploy, manage and troubleshoot apps, system updates and so much more. On top of that Endpoint Manager also integrates with numerous other security & compliance tools to ensure that your devices and your users are protected against numerous threats. But often how to get started in these platforms can be a puzzle. In my recent YouTube post I recorded a video on how you might get started, as always I've included some useful links as well. As always if you enjoy please feel free to share and subscribe. and and finally tons of great stuff here

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