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Find bad guy's inside your company with Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management!

If you’ve been in IT for a while. Then like me, you’re probably well versed in all the traditional network defence technologies like firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention and so on. But while we‘ve been so focussed on defending our networks from the bad guys outside, we’ve neglected to consider tools for the inside. Sure, there have been screen recorders, monitoring tools but for the most part this is an area that’s been lacking in security & compliance. That is until now. If you’re a subscriber to Microsoft 365 then I’ve good news. Microsoft have updated its compliance tools to include Insider Risk Management. It uses a clever combination of security policies combined with clever AI and machine learning to provide a truly formidable defence tool.

In my latest video I take a look at Insider Risk Management to find out how it works. I’ve also included so links to white papers and more here. and here and here

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