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In the past online training  has been dull, uninteresting and let’s face it a bit fluffy with lots of marketing. Well, it’s time to say enough is enough. I want more. No fluff, just educate me. 

Introducing Dive Deeper Tech Days. Low cost technology events that will not simply train your people but will invigorate and inspire them. This is the vision! A new 1 day Tech conference, like no other. Hosted by Microsoft MVP, and popular YouTuber, Andy Malone, who will deliver an entire day of new and engaging bite size tech topics that will not only inform but educate your team and ensure that they are prepared to meet the challenges of ensuring their skills up to date. Topics include, Microsoft 365, Identity, AI, Cybersecurity, privacy, compliance and so much more. Aside from a full day’s training, consisting of a series of awesome presentations, you’ll see exciting LIVE demos on the very latest tech from Microsoft and beyond, and engage in lively discussions. Delivered via Zoom with education in mind. So that means no marketing BS, no fluff. Just a day of solid learning, interactivity, and fun. So, what are you waiting for, sign up today for only £99 and get ready to learn. Click here for more details

Programme & Timings


09:00am         Welcome & Introductions

9:15am           Crouching Tiger, Hidden Data: What’s New & Cool in Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance

10:30am         Morning break

10:45am         No Country for Old Admins: The Hidden Microsoft 365 Features that you never knew existed!

12:00pm         Lunch

12:45pm        Beyond the Thunderdome: Microsoft 365 Guest & External Access Inside & Out!

14:00pm        Afternoon Break

14:15pm        Cybersecurity Top Gun! Bullet proof your Hybrid Cloud.

15:30pm        Live Q&A Session

16:00pm         Close

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