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Shadows Rising: The Anniversary Trailer

A few years back I started writing a book trilogy that I wanted to be thrilling and exciting. With two books published, I realised that for one reason or another I never released a book trailer, so now a year and a half after the release of my second novel, Shadows Rising. I finally got around to it. If you'd like more details on the book and where to buy, you can find that here.

Shadows Rising by Andy Malone - Some secrets are better left undiscovered …

Shadows Rising is the electrifying sequel to Andy Malone’s award winning, The Seventh Day. Set in both 1710 Scotland and the modern world, think Highlander meets the DaVinci Code. From historic Scottish villages, to the streets of New York and the ancient catacombs of Vatican City. Shadows Rising is a race against time thriller, packed with rich historical references entwined into a tense story that will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat …

Available now from Amazon and in Bookstores.

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