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365 Compliance Center gets an upgrade!

In the past few years, compliance is a word that’s exploded on to the cloud security scene. If you’re involved in finance, healthcare, government, oil & gas then you’ll be aware of the importance of being compliant for both legal and regulatory reasons. But trying to work towards GDPR or ISO 27001 has been tricky in the past cloud climate. Sure, the tools did exist, but finding and using them was often tricky. I’m delighted to say that not anymore. Introducing the all new compliance centre in Microsoft 365, and I must say it’s an absolute joy. With all new Compliance Manager, Compliance score and improved labelling & classification features. Compliance centre is also packed with new features including the introduction of an AI based insider risk portal, improved auditing and reporting features just to name a few. In my latest video, join me as I walk through many of these new features and provide first-hand experience on my favourites. If you want to know more on the all new capabilities of compliance center then click here for more.


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